b'Can You SeeIt Comin!?Its a powerful-horsepower, powerful-torque,Flyin Purple People-Pleaser!*Color availabilitymay differ2021 DODGE CHALLENGER 2-DOOR COUPE2 C m s t s t a y b aThe021hallengerostlyingsheameunesearseforend its key is a low-octave V-8 rumble. Its an 8 for performance based on the most popular engine configuration, which is a 5.7-liter V-8. If it were rated on whats possible, the Challenger could be an 11. Its paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission with rear- or all-wheel drive. Its enough power to send the coupe just about anywhere!WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!606250zHIGHWAY 65 & FEXIT 16BRANSONMO417-334-754348| Ozarks Magazine | Spring 2021 www.OzarksMag.com'