b'Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to approx-imately 90 rescued animals. Lions, tigers, bears, servals, and now a hyena are just some of the beautiful animals guests can see as they tour the refuge. Visit turpen-tinecreek.org for more information and follow them on Facebook or YouTube for videos of the animals.We had a lot of frozen pipes andrescued animals they care for.Bam Bam the grizzly bears waterfallTo offset the expense of rescue and suffered major damage, she said.care of the animals, there are several The tigers loved the snow and gotways the public can help. An animal out and played in it. But most of thecan be sponsored for $700-$2,500 a others stayed inside. Weve got someyear, depending on the animals size. fun videos posted of the tigers play- The sponsorship gives a person a ing in the snow. The African lions8x10 photo, membership and access were not impressed. to bring guests during that year. Buying groceries for the animalsTCWR is a 501(c)(3) organization.can be very expensive. King said oneWe accept unlimited adoptions large cat can eat 10 pounds of meatthat start at $150 and also include a a day. photo, she said. If the wallet is too In 2019, we fed 194,979 poundstight for a sponsorship or adoption, of meat, she explained. even $5 helps us continue to rescue They currently have around 90animals and give them a home.32| Ozarks Magazine | Spring 2021 www.OzarksMag.com'