b'By DONNA BRAYMERE UREKA SPRINGS, Ark. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has a new residentRambo the hyena joined the Refuge on Monday, Feb. 22. Rambo is 10 years old, and since the records dont show his actual birthdate, his day of rescue will become his birth-day. He weighs between 180-190 pounds.Rambo had a good home in southern Arkansas, but a tragic car accident took the life of one of his owners. The remaining spouse knew she couldnt care for him byHyenas are very smart and have to have herself, so she asked if Turpentinelots of enrichment programs to keep Creek would give him a home. them mentally stimulated.TCWR Promotions Coordinator I hope we can get his singing Chery King said, We were happy tocaught on camera soon.welcome him to our family. King said they are doing a lot of He was transported in a rollingresearch on hyenas.cage that was secured in a trailer,We have learned they are very away from prying eyes, King said.smart animals and can problem When we opened the door to thesolve on about the same level as a cage, he wasnt sure about comingchimpanzee. So we are designing out for a couple of hours, she said.some enrichment programs to keep He came from a nice habitat andhim mentally stimulated. Hyenas had been well cared for, but we leteat anything, so we have to make new residents adjust on their ownsure whatever we give him to play schedule. with will not hurt him. After he When he felt comfortable,arrived here, a leash came through Rambo left the cage and exploredhis system they eat anything. his new home. So right now, we are sticking with He seemed to fall in love with itforms of food for entertainment.right away, she said. He has someThe Wildlife Refuge suffered a lot unique vocalizationsyouveof damage during the recent ice and heard the term laughing hyena?snow storms.www.OzarksMag.com Spring 2021 | Ozarks Magazine | 31'