b'Missouri, the area is a paradise for paddling, hiking, camping, and fish-ing, and preserves some fascinating historical sites.Over the years, Ozark springs have been used as campsites, power supplies for grist mills, tourist resorts and hospitals.Hospitals? Yes, hospitals.In 1913, an Illinois doctor named C.H. Diehl bought Welch Spring for $800. Dr. Diehl believed that the spring water had healing prop-erties and that the cool, pollen-free air coming from the adjacent cave Photo by CHRIS HERBOLSHEIMER would be beneficial for people with The entrance to the cave can be seen atasthma, emphysema and tubercu-the rear of this photo. Dr. Diehl believed the clean cave air would cure ailmentslosis, which together were called such as allergies and asthma. consumption at the time. He said The best place for the elderly to live! We improve the health, nutrition, and housingof the elderly. Your welfare first !MAPLE ESPLANADEASSISTED LIVING605927z1400 Old Bergman RdHarrison870-204-5226 606833s18| Ozarks Magazine | Spring 2021 www.OzarksMag.com'