b'Photo by CHRIS HERBOLSHEIMERDr. C.H. Diehl acquired the Welch Spring property in 1913 and began to build his dream of a hospital to treat patients with breathing problems.T H E W E L C H S P R I N G H O S P I T A L R U I N SBy CHRIS HERBOLSHEIMERJ waters, but now simply provides ADWIN Mo. The breathtaking landscapes that make up thescenic artifacts.Ozarks hills are littered withSparkling clear waters, tower-relics that stand today as monumentsing bluffs, sunny gravel bars and in homage to the rich history of thestunning scenery abound in the region. Ozark National Scenic Riverways, One such relic is a long-forgottenthe first national park to protect wellness center which suppos- a river system. The Current River edly drew its healing powers fromand its major tributary, Jacks Fork, a natural spring. Sitting alongsiderun for 134 miles through the parks Missouris Current River, the gor- 80,000 acres and are two of the geously abandoned Welch Springmost stunningly beautiful flows in Hospital Ruins once offered healingthe Midwest. Located in southern www.OzarksMag.com Spring 2021 | Ozarks Magazine | 17'