b"the hike, there is a small branch that alpinists will cross. This stream is the water that makes Magnolia Falls flow.The path will take a left turn and is easily seen. The turn to the left takes visitors off of the Jeep path.After changing to the new path, there will be several glimpses of the Ozarks' past.On the west side of the path there is a piece of history. A rock fence runs for more than a tenth of a mile. Each rock was placed by hand to mark a boundary for livestock to remain in a controlled area.Photo by JEFF BRASEL The rock wall blends into a series Wild ferns cover a bluff in the Magnoliaof large bouldersthat gives the Falls grotto. The plants enhance the nat- appearances of grandeur as the ural beauty of the area.WWW.FRENZYOFHARRISON.COM105 W. Rush Ave870-741-092620 %OFFONE REG PRICED ITEMCOUPON EXP: 5/31/21MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-6PM606249zSATURDAY 10AM-4PMwww.OzarksMag.com Spring 2021 | Ozarks Magazine | 13"