b'A N D F I N D T H E W O O D S B O Y S W A T E R F A L LBy JEFF BRASELE DWARDS JUNCTION, Ark.from the top at this vantage point.Magnolia Waterfall is asTo see this waterfall from the bottom pretty as the name sounds. another two mile hike is required.The out-and-back hike is one thatThere are a few angles to view allows a chance to unwind after aWoods Boys, but visitors should be long day at the office or when look- careful as the fall from the top can be ing for an adventure. dangerous.Stepping into the MagnoliaMagnolia Falls is a very busy Waterfall area is like steppinghike that starts on the west side of through a portal into a secret timeNewton County.where it is only natural beauty. The hike is just north of Edwards The grotto style setting comes overJunction. This community is located a bluff and falls into a pool below.at the intersection of Highway 16 The pool is not very deep, but it isand Highway 21.large enough to cool down after aAt this intersection, travel 1.8 sweaty hike. Waters from the poolmiles north on Highway 21 toward continue down the stream and formPonca. Turn west on Newton a second cooling pool that is under aCounty road 9050.bluff lined with wild ferns. After turning west, visitors will This bluff is about 45 feet high andtravel a third of a mile on a dirt road has the green moss accenting theto reach the trailhead.cliffs that are moist from the natureThere will be a sign on the left of the area. Natural rocks around thehand side of the road that reads grotto area offer the opportunity towilderness access. The trail is on rest while gazing upon the wilder- the right side.ness that is in the secret area. The beginning of the hike is on a Even though Magnolia Falls is theJeep trail. It is wide and allows for marquee waterfall, just a few stepseasy walking. There will be a pair of from the second cooling pool is amud holes along the way; however, larger waterfall. there are small detours that keep the The Woods Boys Waterfall is a xxshoes clean.foot fall. This fall can be only seenAbout a quarter of a mile into www.OzarksMag.com Spring 2021 | Ozarks Magazine | 11'